J Rock Challenge Winners 2017!!

Rock Challenge 1


For the fifth time we took part in the Southern J Rock Challenge event on Friday 17th February.

Several months of preparation during curriculum PE/dance lessons prepared all of the Year 5 children for their eight minute performance, supported by most of the children in Year 6 and several children from Years 3 & 4. Our children showed true professional dedication by coming to school for weekend workshops to rehearse and perfect their routine. Rock Challenge has the unique ability to pull all staff, governors, parents and grandparents together to produce an amazing extra curricula experience, one that we are all jointly proud of; set, costumes and lighting are also part of this. We are immensely proud of all the children who took part, not only for the performance but their impeccable conduct throughout the entire day. Entitled ‘SS Mendi – the Ship History Forgot’ the children told the story, through dance and drama, of the terrible tragedy that took place 100 years ago in Southampton waters. The story starts with scenes of war, followed by the bright and colourful tribes of South Africa with the British Army recruiting South African men to support the War effort in Europe – then tragedy strikes when fog drifts across Southampton waters just off the Isle of Wight and the SS Mendi collided with another ship resulting in over 600 South African men perishing at sea.


Winners of numerous awards including ‘Excellence for Choreography, Visual Enhancement, Concept, Performance Skill & Stage Crew (Stage Crew being made up of 5 children from Year 6)’ ensured Wellow Primary School secured 1st place on the night. We now go through to the Junior Final on 26th April at Portsmouth Guildhall.

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