Curriculum Information

_MG_6741At Wellow Primary School we deliver our curriculum through Integrated Learning Units. Subject areas have been linked to enhance concepts taught and to enable the learners to make purposeful connections across subjects. When a group of subjects are linked (these can be between 3 and 6 subjects at one time) this becomes an Integrated Learning Unit with English, Maths and Science at the core as the ‘drivers’.

The integrated curriculum engages children with learning by developing thinking skills and equipping them to become lifelong learners who are able to raise questions, partake in deep thinking and reflect on their learning.

Some subjects do not lend themselves to being linked with other curriculum areas; these are known as stand alone subjects and are taught in their own right outside the integrated curriculum.

Meaningful curricular links are a made with the local community and emphasis given to children engaging with current affairs.  This enables our children to question and have an awareness of the world around them.

Year 1 Expectations – A Guide for Parents         Year 2 Expectations – A Guide for Parents

Year 3 Expectations – A Guide for Parents        Year 4 Expectations – A Guide for Parents

Year 5 Expectations – A Guide for Parents         Year 6 Expectations – A Guide for Parents

School Visits

In order to bring learning to life, a variety of visits to places of interest (often linked to learning projects) are planned throughout the school year. These may be in the local vicinity, such as to St Margaret’s Church where Florence Nightingale is buried, or further afield, for example, Beaulieu Motor Museum or Intech/Planetarium in Winchester. In order to cover the entrance fees and coach costs, voluntary contributions are requested from parents/carers.

Residential Visits

Starting in Year 2 with an overnight stay, under canvas on the field, we offer an annual residential visit for all our children.

DSCN0115  DSCN0207  DSCN0210  DSCN0160                                                                                                                                                             In 2014, our year 3 children stayed overnight at Cranbourne, as part of a Viking experience, sleeping in their Viking longhouse.

Year 4 have stayed for 2 nights at Minstead in the New Forest where their stay has an environmental theme.

IMG_5128  IMG_5214  IMG_5175  IMG_5131

Year 5 visit Fairthorne Manor a YMCA centre where they undertake a number of adventurous activities.

DSC05008 DSC05022  DSC05048 DSC05088

In the autumn term, our Year 6 pupils give geography and history meaning by embarking on a residential experience in the Isle of Wight.

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